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Secure your systems and protect your assets using our services

Dark Web & ClearNet Data Mining & Analytics

Large dataset collection from numerous Dark web and ClearNet sources. It is currently being used for tracking of pirated material, fraud, leaked data and credential dumps.

Exploit Development

Research and creation of new high risk exploits from vulnerabilities discovered from your systems.

Code Review

Source Code assessments are performed to evaluate potential security holes.

Penetration Testing

Customized attacks which are aimed specifically at your systems, performed by both our built in-house automated software and highly experienced security experts.

Malware Analysis

Providing both static and dynamic sand-boxed analysis for all types of malicious software.



Risk Analysis Engine

Scalable cloud based solution providing risk scoring based on data collected from multiple sources.


Dark Web & ClearNet Data mining Engine

A modularized automated solution that tracks and mines potential data identified by a number of criteria from across the Dark Web and ClearNet.


IDS & HoneyPot

A fully configurable Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and HoneyPot virtual cloud appliance.


Multi-Language Decompiler & Deobfuscator

An advanced software decompiler and deobfuscator that can handle a number of development languages and obfuscation methods.


“We used Acewind's services, after they had contacted us for a free consultation with regards to penetration testing and exploit development. They professionally handled exploiting our systems and presented us with a number of high risk exploits.”

Telecom Provider Chief Technology Officer

“Our fraud and payment team are using Xapara to check if any of our newly signed customers have a fraudulent online past or any other high risk tendencies.”

IGaming Provider Director of Finance

“We are currently trying out Theianyx to locate pirated versions our published media across a number of platforms.”

Media Production Company Compliance and Anti-Piracy Manager

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